May 16, 2023

Amy is an amazing teacher. She has introduced my son to so many fun and challenging new math concepts that push him far beyond what he learns in school. She is great at customizing her lessons to suit the needs and abilities of each individual child. And she makes learning fun. My son has learned so much working with Amy and her lessons are always one of the highlights of his week!

Robin 10/2022

Amy worked with my son for over a year and I can’t begin to say what a difference that made.  She made learning fun, and used creative and unique ways to tackle learning challenges.  My son looked forward to his instruction with Amy, and I saw his knowledge grow.  

Kim  12/2018

Amy Dalley is a wonderful teacher and is knowledgeable and has the education and experience to help your child meet their educational goals.  Amy helped my daughter gain confidence and knowledge when it came to math.  Math used to be this awful, most hated subject and now it’s a subject that she doesn’t hate and actually uses the tools that Amy taught her in their sessions together.  Amy helped by knowing exactly what my daughter needed in learning and having the hands on creative math activities and finding out exactly what my daughter needed to learn in math.  My daughter is very creative so Amy used that in her teaching’s of the various math lessons that Haley did with Amy.  My daughter thrived and met her goals with Amy as her math teacher!   I feel very blessed to have had a teacher like Amy that has helped and changed my daughter’s outlook on the subject of math.    

Sterling Williams  12/2018

We couldn’t be more thankful for the guidance, wisdom, patience and kindness Amy has shown our family over the past 3-4 years! Her gentle spirit, kind smile, depth of expertise and partnership in education gives children and families like ours hope!

Amy served as our son’s 5th grade teacher and did a fabulous job of recognizing his needs and capabilities as a gifted student. She consistently went out of her way to tailor lesson plans to his skill set all while making learning FUN!

Most recently Amy has served our family by tutoring our elementary aged daughter. When traditional classroom curriculum was overwhelming our child, Amy helped us figure out where the gaps were and then created a plan to help our daughter regain her confidence. Our creative child’s academic needs were met in a way that honored her learning style and engaged her playfulness.

We will forever be thankful for Ms. Dalley’s support to our family!

Kenny and Jill Wade  12/2018

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