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Stress Free Math for Kids

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Here on the SFMK homepage you will find many resources that are focused on helping parents, tutors, interventionists, and teachers get everything they need to help ANY student be successful at math - and even learn to love it. Whether you need help with a math anxious child, a struggling child, a child with dyslexia or dyscalculia, a child who thinks they hate math, or even a highly mathematically gifted child who loves math and wants a challenge, you are in the right place!

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Mastering Math 

Through Play

Check out my BRAND NEW ebook and get my personal Top-10 list of the best math resources for your child that make learning fun. It's new and I'm giving it away for FREE right now!

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Summer STEM Camp Part 2
Running a Summer STEM Camp!
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Math Teacher PD Conferences

Do you have a mathematically gifted child?

If so, my BRAND NEW E-Course is for you! Click below to find out how to get all my tips and strategies for helping your mathematically gifted child thrive!

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Amy Porter, Stress Free Math for Kids

About Me.

My name is Amy Porter and I am a math  teacher with a unique story. I may be the teacher with the reputation to have a superpower of making math fun for everyone, but the truth is, I didn't always have a love for math. As a student, I was the one hiding a novel behind my geometry book.


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Amy worked with my son for over a year and I can’t begin to say what a difference that made.  She made learning fun, and used creative and unique ways to tackle learning challenges.  My son looked forward to his instruction with Amy, and I saw his knowledge grow.  


We couldn’t be more thankful for the guidance, wisdom, patience and kindness Amy has shown our family over the past 3-4 years! Her gentle spirit, kind smile, depth of expertise and partnership in education gives children and families like ours hope!

Amy served as our son’s 5th grade teacher and did a fabulous job of recognizing his needs and capabilities as a gifted student. She consistently went out of her way to tailor lesson plans to his skill set all while making learning FUN!

Most recently Amy has served our family by tutoring our elementary aged daughter. When traditional classroom curriculum was overwhelming our child, Amy helped us figure out where the gaps were and then created a plan to help our daughter regain her confidence. Our creative child’s academic needs were met in a way that honored her learning style and engaged her playfulness.

We will forever be thankful for Ms. Dalley’s support to our family!

Jill Wade

Amy Dalley is a wonderful teacher and is knowledgeable and has the education and experience to help your child meet their educational goals.  Amy helped my daughter gain confidence and knowledge when it came to math.  Math used to be this awful, most hated subject and now it’s a subject that she doesn’t hate and actually uses the tools that Amy taught her in their sessions together.  Amy helped by knowing exactly what my daughter needed in learning and having the hands on creative math activities and finding out exactly what my daughter needed to learn in math.  My daughter is very creative so Amy used that in her teaching’s of the various math lessons that Haley did with Amy.  My daughter thrived and met her goals with Amy as her math teacher!   I feel very blessed to have had a teacher like Amy that has helped and changed my daughter’s outlook on the subject of math.  

Sterling Williams

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Is your child a perfectionist and you don't know what to do?


A 20-year educator, math expert and private tutor, author of Stress Free Math For Kids, shares effective strategies for aiding perfectionistic children. You'll learn how to foster patience for long-term goals, willingness to learn from mistakes, tolerance for frustration and setting realistic expectations for self and others.

Latest SFMK YouTube Videos

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Pentominoes are a fantastic math manipulative that students of any age can use with a wide range of application as they increase their understanding of math. Check out my demo and review of Pentominoes!

If I were to choose only one manipulative to have in the elementary school classroom, I would choose Cuisenaire Rods. And yet most children I work with have never used or even seen these before! In this video I demonstrate how I use Cuisenaire Rods with my students.

Prime Climb is my absolute FAVORITE math game for 3rd grade and up (and I have played hundreds of them.) So fun that most of my students begged their parents to buy a copy for home. Check out my review of Prime Climb - the math game every kid loves to play!

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