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Guest Posts

My goal on this site is always helping teachers, tutors and parents in eliminating math anxiety and reaching all students. Recently I connected on Instagram with Ann Zisser, who is a math

Fun Math or Math Fun, Games

Skyjo is a card game that a student introduced to me this year. It quickly became one of my favorites, as well as a favorite of most of my students! This third

Music, Art and Nature, Themed Math

Looking for free but high quality solar eclipse math and science activities? Here are the best I have found from all over the Internet. For Elementary How Big Is the Sun? The

Assessment Tests, Intervention, Math Therapy, Review/Practice, Spring Semester, Teaching/Tutoring

What is the key to reducing math test anxiety? At Stress Free Math For Kids, our mission is to eliminate math anxiety in kids, parents, teachers, and tutors. However, we know that

Holidays, Spring Semester, Time of Year Activities

Want to celebrate February 29 with some Leap Day or Leap Year Math? I’ve got you covered with the best FREE resources from all over the Internet. Thanks to Kumon for this

Holidays, Spring Semester

Are you looking for free New Years Math Activities to come back from holiday break and blast off the new school semester? I’ve got you covered with my favorites from all over

Manipulatives, Toys

Earlier today I posted Black Friday Amazon deals for Math Games. This post is for Black Friday deals on math toys. My post Toys For Developing Mathematical Thinking tells you more about

Fun Math or Math Fun, Games

Looking for great bargains on math games? Check out these Black Friday Math Games 2023 Amazon Deals! These are all math games I have previously recommended that are currently on sale. Another

Basic Concepts, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Homeschooling Curriculum, Math Therapy

Learn Math Fast is a series of books I recently discovered through a discussion in a Right Start Math discussion group. While Right Start Math is an amazing homeschool curriculum for elementary

Fall Semester, Holidays, Themed Math, Time of Year Activities

Looking for some free Thanksgiving math resources that practice solid computational and thinking skills in a fun and engaging way? Here are the ones I will be using. I have some for

Homeschooling Parent Resources, Intervention, Learning, Operations

Math Fact Lab is my absolute favorite website for fact practice. I love it for three main reasons: it is strategy based and uses a variety of visual representations it teaches division


This fall I was asked to teach a STEM enrichment class at a homeschool hybrid academy. This school has academic classes on a university model system, meaning the students meet with their

Distance Learning, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Homeschooling Parent Resources, Math Therapy

Have you ever wished there was an Orton Gillingham for math? Looking for Math Therapy but unable to find an in person tutor? Made For Math is a company that provides specialized

Basic Concepts, Learning

It’s kind of funny to me that I have had this site for over 4 years without ever writing a post about my math mantras. Recently a child said to me “You


Not only do I allow elementary students to have their stuffed animals in math tutoring, but I encourage it if the child asks. I occasionally even have a real animal participating 🙂

Basic Concepts, Guest Posts

Most of my resources on this site are for parents and teachers/tutors of elementary age kids, but we all know that building a strong foundation in math starts earlier! I was very

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