November 22, 2023

Earlier today I posted Black Friday Amazon deals for Math Games. This post is for Black Friday deals on math toys. My post Toys For Developing Mathematical Thinking tells you more about toys and math manipulatives I recommend for parents or teachers.

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On my post about recommended toys I mentioned that my absolute favorite toy for developing mathematical thinking is magformers and/or magnatiles. There are quite a few generic brands of magnetic tiles available but Magnatiles is the original gold standard, and they are on sale for Black Friday.

This Magnatile set is currently on sale for 33% off, $89.99.

If you would rather buy a less expensive (and bigger) set this one is also on sale and is a bestseller that has great reviews.

AFUNX 130 piece set, 33 % off, currently $39.99

Math Blocks

Learning Resources Math Link Builders, 37% off, $10.66

Base ten blocks, 26% off, $19.97

Wooden pattern blocks, 39% off, $9.19

Wooden Montessori number blocks, 20 % off, $22.38

Mega bloks for preschoolers, 30 % off, $13.99


I have and use this multiplication chart jigsaw puzzle, and it is on sale this week! 21 % off, $11.99


Counting and sorting animals, 20 % off, $8.79

Geoboard, 54% off, $14.39

Jumbo Magnetic Ten Frame Set, 20% off, $19.98

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