January 3, 2024

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Are you looking for free New Years Math Activities to come back from holiday break and blast off the new school semester? I’ve got you covered with my favorites from all over the Internet. As usual, I don’t just share my own ideas but the best ones I find from other people!

The 2024 year game from NCTM

This game, adaptable for all levels 3rd-12th grade, challenges students to use the digits in the year 2024, any of the 4 operations, exponents, square roots, factorials and grouping symbols to write expressions for all counting numbers 1-100.

Rules, printable, recording sheets, and printable manipulative digits and symbols are available for free here.

Tang Math New Year Challenge

Game boards for grades kindergarten-6th challenge students to complete Greg Tang Math activities, math puzzles and games. Both digital and print versions are available, and you can also download certificates of completion. Find all the resources here

2024 Visual Spatial Puzzle

My students LOVE the puzzles from Math Equals Love. Although she is a high school teacher, the visual spatial nature of the puzzles means they are accessible to younger students who want a challenge. This one comes in 2 levels of difficulty. The one pictured is for younger students, while there is also one for more advanced students where they get a blank grid and have to form the digits themselves. Download either or both for free here or find her full list of New Years activities here (she also has a version of the Year Game described above.)

New Year’s Party Math Activity

This free download for 3rd-5th grade is from Teaching With a Mountain View, who consistently makes high quality products. In this differentiated activity, your students have the option to practice their addition and subtraction skills or ALL operations skills. Once they’ve completed their math tasks, they follow the directions (which allow for creativity) to create a unique New Year’s Party Scene!

New Year “Matholution” Pennants

Like New Years resolutions, but for math. Have your students use this free digital or printable resource from Scaffolded Math and Science to create their math goals and decorate their pennants. Get it free on TPT here. I will be using these with my classroom students next week!

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