November 11, 2023

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Looking for some free Thanksgiving math resources that practice solid computational and thinking skills in a fun and engaging way? Here are the ones I will be using. I have some for every grade pre K- 8th!

Greg Tang Thanksgiving Challenge

  1. Greg Tang Thanksgiving Challenge– Greg Tang math puzzles and games are some of the best there is! Print the game board and parent letter directly from the Tang Math site and send home with your kindergarten-6th grade students over Thanksgiving break (or use the game boards in school the week before Thanksgiving break.) There is a different game board for each grade. Each game board includes online activities to complete on Tang Math as well as a printable puzzle pack. You can also print certificates of achievement from the site for students who complete the challenge.

Mashup Math Thanksgiving Puzzles

Mashup Math Puzzles are free to download and print. Students must find the numerical value of each Thanksgiving symbol to make the equations correct. These are available at different levels.

Mystery Tangram Puzzle

Math=Love has this fantastic puzzle for middle schoolers where students graph points on the coordinate plane to make the outline of a turkey which can then be made from tangram blocks.

Classic Brainteaser, Thanksgiving Style

Try this one from Twitter! Instead of drawing the lines I usually give students craft sticks to move around (it’s more fun and less frustrating)

For pre K or kindergarten

If you teach the younger children, one of my favorite math resource creators, Math Geek Mama, has a fantastic set of free Thanksgiving math printables for you! These are for number recognition, and patterning. Download them for free here.

I hope you have found free Thanksgiving math resources to meet your needs! If you know of more great ones I missed please let me know in the comments. Also please see my other post Thanksgiving STEM Projects for STEM ideas!

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