Hands On Easter Math


March 4, 2023
colorful boiled Easter eggs

No matter what age or grade you teach there are meaningful and engaging hands on ways to incorporate Easter fun into your math instruction!

Jellybean Math

Use jellybeans to sort and graph, make patterns or explore beginning probability.

Geometric Shapes

Make 2D and 3D shapes from gumdrops and toothpicks (we’ve tried jellybeans but they’re much harder.)

Image from Science Buddies

For young students (1st/2nd grade) Becky’s Room on TPT has a free project using toothpicks and jellybeans for a STEM challenge to create a nest for Peeps.

Use small paper geometric shapes to decorate a large paper egg in this Cool Math For Kids activity.

Measurement and Graphing

Bunny hop measurement and graphing- Hop like rabbits and measure your hop in centimeters or inches. Graph the results! You could also use plastic “jumping bunnies” or frogs as described in this post from Inspiration Laboratories

Coordinate Plane Graphing Puzzles

Math Aids has several Easter themed coordinate graphing character puzzles. Plot the ordered pairs to make an Easter basket, egg, or bunny.

Online Easter Math

Easter and spring math and logic games

Easter Egg Designer

Ideas for Plastic Eggs

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