Presidents Day Math


February 17, 2024
Picture of Mount Rushmore

Presidents’ Day is the perfect day for math activities including money math, graphing, and more.

See my post Math Picture Books About Money for book ideas!

Money Math For Primary Grades

Money Math For Intermediate Grades

Explore the U.S. government mint’s site for kids for videos, games, and activities about how our money is made.

Learn The Faces on Every U.S. Bill with this article from Thought Co. It has pictures of every bill including $100,000 (with Woodrow Wilson’s face) that was never circulated and is worth a million dollars!

Practice fluency with addition equaling 100 by playing the money themed game Clumsy Thief in a small group.

Play Exact Change, a card game played Uno style where kids can make equivalent values of money.

Find free online games for practicing 2nd-7th grade money math skills at math

Research and Graphing for Older Students

  • In this activity from Eduplace students research what state was each president’s home state and graph the results.
  • Yummy Math suggests you research presidents’ pay and graph the results. For an extra challenge you can learn about inflation and the Consumer Price Index to see what the salaries would be worth today.

Estimation and Measurement

In this fun activity from Discovery Kidzone students estimated how tall Lincoln was, then measured to make a life size paper doll. They then hung it on the wall and compared their own heights.

Other Resources

Digipuzzle has online Presidents themed sliding and jigsaw puzzles. These are great for developing spatial reasoning, an often overlooked part of math.

Practice ordering 4 digit numbers to put the presidents in order by years in office. The presidents are listed by date in this kids’ article by Ducksters

J.Daniel4’s Mom has this Presidents Day Counting Activity for preschool/kindergarten with several ideas to use it including ordering numbers, associating numbers with quantity, and combining to add.

Kindergarteners can practice number sentences and ten frames with this free Presidents Day Teen Number Math Book .

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