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August 4, 2023

When I first started this site I envisioned it as a place for tutors, small group teachers, and homeschool parents. However, what I found is a lot of classroom teachers were also looking for ways to differentiate their math instruction. This generally meant finding a way to teach in small groups within the classroom. For teachers of entire classes to be able to effectively teach small group math requires a classroom structure that allows all students to be productively learning while the teacher works with a group. Here are some great resources I have found for launching guided math in a classroom.

General Resources for Launching Guided Math

The BEST general resource I have found online for all elementary grades is Get Your Groove On With Guided Math from Simply Skilled Teaching.

She has written in-depth posts on each of the 9 basic components of guided math.


Flexible Grouping

Managing Rotations

Whole Group Instruction

Small Group Guided Instruction

Independent Practice

Math Stations

Math Journals

Fact Fluency

You can download an 87 page freebie “How to Launch Guided Math.”

She also offers an online professional development course Guided Math That Works and even sells full year guided math curriculum sets for 2nd and 3rd grade if you want a ready made program.

Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits

Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits has a fabulous blog post on Launching Guided Math (A How To Guide.) She has a free day by day launching guide for any grade kindergarten-5th with lesson plans, printable posters and resources for centers. You can watch a free 30 minute Guided Math Webinar. Complete bundles for guided math are available for purchase including Kindergarten-2nd Grade Guided Math, 3rd Grade Guided Math, and 4th Grade Guided Math. Finally, your school can even book her for a full day workshop on Guided Math Training.

Video from Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits

Ashleigh’s Education Journey

Ashleigh has a very detailed post for upper elementary called How to Structure Your Math Block. She describes her structure for her entire math block, how she forms her small groups, how she sets up her math centers (she uses more than most teachers, 10-12 depending on size of class,) organization and management tips, and an explanation of how she approaches whole group instruction.

Math Coach’s Corner

In 2017 Math Coach’s Corner hosted an online book study of the book Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction. The study is archived here.

Grade Level Specific Resources for Launching Guided Math

First Grade

At Mandy’s Tips For Teachers you can find a downloadable PDF plan for introducing guided math to 1st graders during the first week of school. It includes pictures of anchor charts, directions for introductory games, printable recording sheets and more.

Second Grade

Saddle Up For Second Grade has a post called Guided Math Break Down where she details her entire math block and includes lots of visuals. She uses 5 stations:

Station 1 – math facts (alternating addition and subtraction.)

Station 2 – previously taught skill.

Station 3 – previously taught skill.

Station 4-  Technology – iPads, computers, or QR codes.

Station 5-Meet with the Teacher – at the teacher table. This includes a warm up activity, guided practice, and reflection/writing.

Third Grade

At Teacher Vision, teacher Amy Mckinney writes how she has implemented guided math in her third grade classroom. She uses 20 minute rotations of Math FactsAt Your SeatTeacher Time, and Hands-On.

Fifth Grade

Jennifer Findley’s post Guided Math in Upper Elementary describes the guided math rotations she uses in 5th grade, with some free math centers included. She uses Teacher Time, Paper and Pencil, Games, Technology, Task Cards, and Teacher Choice with students completing 3 rotations each day. She also has links to more detailed posts on different aspects of guided math in upper grades and free starter packs.

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