Star Wars Math: May the 4th Be With You


July 2, 2023

What better day for fun Star Wars themed math than May the Fourth? Use these ideas to incorporate Star Wars into your elementary and middle school instruction.

Free Printable Math Puzzles

Download free printable Star Wars themed math puzzles at Mash Up Math

Star Wars math challenge

Coloring Squared has a variety of Star Wars math printables ranging from color by number to addition, subtraction, multiplication or division fact practice.

Mystery picture printable

This free printable mystery picture includes an option for all 4 operations.

Star Wars math mystery picture

Star Wars Coordinates Printables

Star Wars printable coordinate worksheets

Star Wars Storm Trooper coordinate graphing picture

Free Printable Math Games

Odd and Even Star Wars Game

Addition and Multiplication Game

Star Wars Addition Mats

Go Yoda and Go Darth Equivalent Fractions games

Star Wars themed playing cards

Hands On and STEM Activities

Practice fractions and measuring by making some Star Wars play dough. (Bonus: You can use the play dough for many math related activities like these 10 Ways to Play Math With Play Doh for all elementary grades or the Subtraction Smash game for young learners.)

Use your unifix counting blocks to build light sabers!

Use Lego mini figures (or these free printable toilet paper roll figures if you don’t have legos) as manipulatives- from practice making tens to multiplication arrays, division models, fraction of a set, or anything you would use counters for.

Lego Star Wars Challenges

Rescue Hans Solo from carbonite! In this Lego Science idea from Fun-A-Day, a Lego mini figure is frozen in a baking soda/water mixture and then put in vinegar.

Make Glow in the Dark Light Saber Slime

Make Star Wars Galaxy Oobleck

Image from

Star Wars Math Lessons

Star Wars Themed Number Practice 1-31 for young learners

Yummy Math has a lesson on the profitability of the Star Wars movies that can be adjusted for 4th-7th grade math standards.

Not So Far, Far Away is a Scholastic lesson on latitude/longitude

Measurement SI System Scientific Notation Powerpoint

Need even more ideas? See the Star Wars Math Shed for videos and downloadable resources.

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