May 26, 2023

Are you a teacher looking for a one page printable list of free summer math activities to send home with your students? A parent looking for easy ways to keep your child learning this summer? Maybe you are both!

I have three new free resources just for you. They are all available for instant digital download on my Stan Store.

They include:

  • One page digital or printable list of Summer Math Resources. This includes links to websites such as Bedtime Math, Early Family Math, Math For Love, and more. It gives details on the best website for practicing math facts, on a summer program sponsored by Major League Baseball, and on the free summer intensive digital math lessons offered by Zearn. It also has suggestions for incorporating math into every day life and for providing children with games, toys, and books that develop mathematical thinking.
  • One page list of Addition and Subtraction Games With Playing Cards
  • One page list of Place Value Games With Playing Cards.These are adaptable to any level of whole number or decimal place value. (Click here to read my post on why understanding place value is the foundation of math and the deficit most struggling students have.)

In case you didn’t know, I have other free parent resources also available on Stan!

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