May 23, 2023

Are you looking for FREE, fun and engaging themed math for Groundhog Day? Here are a few ideas.

For All Ages

-Go outside to measure shadows using sidewalk chalk and measuring tape. See instructions from Education World here (this lesson plan also has instructions for making a sun dial as an optional extension!)

Need to stay inside? Here are some hand shadows you can try! Or set up a light, white paper, and markers. Let the kids trace the outline of the shadow their friend casts onto the paper, then measure.

For even more shadow fun try this STEM activity using balloons and the classic baking soda and vinegar combination to tie science, math, and art together as you investigate shadows!

If you want a digital activity, Digipuzzles has a lot of fun Groundhog Day options! There are jigsaw puzzles, multiplication puzzles, memory games, a labyrinth and more all with a groundhog theme!

Groundhog Day Math Grades K-2

Free subtraction booklet to go with the book Ten Grouchy Groundhogs

Kindergarten Connection has a free Groundhog Day Math Facts Activity printable for addition and subtraction within 10.

Groundhog Day graphing printable

Groundhog Day Graphing Fun

First to Twenty Game

For Teachers Pay Teachers freebies click here

Groundhog Day Math Grades 3-8

Groundhog Probability (from Teacher Vision)

Will the groundhog see his shadow? Play a probability game to find out! Write the word “yes” on one strip of paper, and “no” on another. Put the strips of paper inside a paper bag. Shake up the bag and pull out a strip. Make tally marks for every “yes” and “no.” Pick from the bag 15 times. Make a bar graph of your outcomes.

Mashup Math has free Groundhog Day math puzzles for grades 3-8

Division Mystery Picture from Coloring Squared

An online choice is Math Tiles Groundhog Day Multiplication.

Also online is Mr. Nussbaum’s Groundhog’s Day Across America temperature map, which requires students to answer addition and subtraction problems about the temperatures of eight cities on Groundhog’s Day. A few questions involve negative numbers. (This site is free but does include a lot of ads and is a little hard to navigate if you don’t have a membership) A printable version is also available.

For Teachers Pay Teachers freebies click here

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