Math for Dr. Seuss Week


April 7, 2023
Dr. Seuss postage stamp

No matter what grade you teach or what math concept you are working on, you can incorporate the Dr. Seuss theme into your math instruction to celebrate his birthday and Read Across America week! Here are some ideas specific to a few of his books as well as some general ideas. Every link included is to a free activity.

Links checked 3/3/23

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish 

Use goldfish crackers as manipulatives at any level for whatever math concept your class is working on. For younger kids they are great for non standard measurement and for skip counting; middle grade kids can use as a manipulative for equal groups for multiplication and division. The colored ones can be used for patterns, graphing, fractions as parts of a set, and beginning probability. You could also give students goldfish and have them write a word problem where the number of fish they have will be the answer.

Another idea is to have a pond full of paper fish for kids to “catch” and add to a graph. This could be at any level from simply graphing by color to having math problems on them for students to graph by answer.

Horton Hears a Who

Ten Apples Up On Top

The Foot Book

This book can be inspiration for measurement units or for this Human Body Ratios activity from BioEd Online for grades 3-7. Did you know that a person’s foot is roughly equivalent in length to their forearm?

The Cat in the Hat

While this activity is written for young children it could easily be adapted for older children putting fractions, decimals, or integers on the number line, or using multiplication sequences.

The Lorax

General Free Math For Dr. Seuss Week Printables

General Math For Dr. Seuss Week Ideas

  • Graph your students’ favorite Dr. Seuss books. Take a survey of others to add more data.

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